Liberator Bonbon

The Liberator Bonbon is the perfect addition to any toy collection. The unique design fits most any vibrator or dildo and leaves your hands free to explore and reach ultimate satisfaction. This sex pillow mount will leave you questioning how you ever used your favorite toy without it.With it`s high  sides curving in so that the user feels as if they are cradling in a saddle, putting on a show for your partner can be extra fun as he could watch how you gyrate your body to hit the right spot!


Features of the Liberator BON BON

  • The BONBON is 15” long, 12” wide and 9” high
  • Top slot is 4” in length
  • The foam makes it flexible for most dildos or vibrators to be inserted
  • Covered by a zippered nylon layer.
  • The BONBON comes in 8 two toned colors
  • Covered with a micro suede zippered cover making it easy to wash.